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Offers & Promotions

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Our platform is designed to elevate your dealers experience through enticing offers and promotions. Explore a range of features tailored to enhance their shopping journey, including innovative co-bundling promotions, flexible voucher management, and rewarding loyalty programs. With a focus on providing value-added benefits, our platform aims to make your dealers shopping experience more rewarding and enjoyable.

  • Co-Bundling Promotions
  • Voucher Management
  • Easy To Use
  • Loyalty Programs

Co-Bundling Promotions

Keep dealers up to date with bundling promotions for any orders that are placed within the system. Promotions play a large part in the decision making process, that is why we believe that as importers offering promotions to your dealers opens up great opportunities to build stronger relationships. Our system provides all the necessary tools to create and customize all the promotions to satisfy your dealers.

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Loyalty Programs (Partner Programs)

Leveraging our network of sponsored partner programs, we go beyond conventional approaches, emphasizing the construction of a robust foundation centered on rewarding incentives, exclusive discounts, and enticing benefits aimed at not only attracting but also retaining dealers. Our platform is designed to nurture lasting relationships by offering a spectrum of rewards that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of dealers within our network. Through these initiatives, we aim to create a mutually beneficial environment, ensuring dealers feel valued, motivated, and supported as integral members of our community.

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Order Management

Easily manage importer inventory along with client orders and delivery windows with precision

Never miss an order!

Automate the process of dealers placing direct tire orders through our system.


Handle all complaints and feedback from dealers through built-in questionnaires directly on the plattform.

Hear directly from your dealers

Handle complaints and feedback in a professional matter.


Monitor order browsing history to predict tire demand and gain insights on potential dealers

Information on the tip of your fingers

Analytical data is your best friend and gives insights to your current and potential dealers.


Manage bills, invoices, and account settings with modern payment integrations

Stay up to Date!

Never lose track of invoices and cheques since all are organized in one location.

Marketing & Content

A dashboard for importers to communicate and provide training information for all your dealers

Keep in Touch

Give all your dealers the latest updates and information so everyone is on the same page through customizable experiences.

Offers & Promotions

Tire co-bundling promotions and loyalty programs incentivizing dealers to place orders

Reward your Loyal Dealers

Promotional materials and loyalty programs are crucial to sustain positive relationships.

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