The amount of available low-budget tires keeps growing and creates a challenge to advocate for the better premium tire brands during tire sales. Often, customers are not aware of the advantages of premium tires and opt for the low-budget options. That’s why it is essential for you to understand why your customers are hesitating to buy premium brands and how you can address their concerns correctly. Let’s look into common reasons why customers avoid premium tires and talk about ways to guide them.

Price Considerations

When we talk about concerns in a purchase decision, regardless in which industry we are, we need to talk about the price.
In tire sales the premium tires come with a higher price, which makes it difficult for customers to justify opting for the premium brand rather than a cost effective alternative.
How can you change this behaviour?

  • Highlight Long-Term Savings: Premium tires offer better durability, which leads to fewer replacements and lower overall costs over time.
  • Showcase Fuel Efficiency: Usually, premium tires come with a reduced rolling resistance, explain how that results in fuel savings.
  • Use Cost Comparisons: by demonstrating a side-by-side cost analyses of longterm financial benefits, a customer can easily understand the cost benefits of buying a more expensive tire.
Mechanic Changing Tire

Perception of Value

Many customers are unaware of the significant difference in the value between premium and budget tires. Both products might look very similar to them from the outside, and without expert knowledge, it is difficult to understand what sets them apart.
How can you change this preception?

  • Educate on Quality: Explain to your customer the advanced technology and materials used in premium tires that enhance performance and safety. Do not focus on the process how they have been created but the outcome the customer will get from that.
  • Provide Demonstrations: Use visual aids, demonstrations, and easy-to-understand comparisons to show the benefits of premium tires.
  • Share Testimonials: Customers will feel more at ease if they read, hear or see others that already used the product. By sharing positive reviews and testimonials from other customers, you can reassure the customer during their purchase decision.

Limited Usage

The phrase “I don’t need anything fancy, I just drive around town with the car.” Or “Premium quality is not necessary for me as I only use my car a few times a week.” must be familiar to you if you work in tire sales. Customers often have the perception that due to limited use of their vehicles, premium tires are not of value to them.
How to change that?

  • Emphasize Safety: regardless if you drive only to the local supermarket or 300 kilometers; you always want to be as safe as possible. Highlight the enhanced safety features of premium tires to your customer, which are beneficial no matter the driving frequency.
  • Focus on Comfort: Premium tires provide a smoother and quieter ride, enhancing comfort for all types of driving. Make sure your customer is aware of that.
  • Showcase Scenarios: Provide exmaples for your customer of how premium tires can make a difference in unexpected situations, such as emergency braking if a cat runs on to the street in the neighborhood or adverse weather conditions.

To Sum It Up

Once you understand what is stopping your customers from buying premium tires, it is easy to address concerns and wrong perceptions. Focus on educating your customers about long-term benefits and showcase situations in which they do not want to miss their premium tire. Pay attention to which customer has which concern and address that particular concern with precision. It will help you build trust and drive your sales of premium brands.