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PIM (Product Information Management)

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Our PIM platform digitally transforms importer and wholesaler services by providing essential data and seamless integration. The Conti Content Cloud API unifies sales and technical product information, effortlessly integrating with your systems. The platform's flexibility allows easy uploading of your unique importer portfolio. This adaptability ensures accurate representation and empowers efficient data management. Experience a versatile solution tailored to optimize operations and navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

  • Manual Uploads
  • Product Line Image Import
  • Clean API
  • Flexible and Adaptable

Why TireCloud.One PIM?

Product Data Input

High Quality Product Information

Benefit from our Tiredatabase and display your products in high quality with all necessary information.

Ease of Use

Intuitive user interface and seamless navigation to browse, order, and manage tires effortlessly.

Efficient Ordering

Streamlined ordering process with fast and reliable connection to your internal database, ensuring quick access to tires when needed.


Conti Content Cloud

In collaboration with Continental, we have joined forces to offer you access to one of the most dependable, cutting-edge, and all-encompassing Product Information Management (PIM) systems currently available in the market. This system serves as a centralized hub, providing a singular space where you can effortlessly collect, meticulously manage, and securely store all pertinent information related to your tire products within a comprehensive catalog. Through this partnership, we aim to streamline your operations, ensuring seamless access to crucial tire product data, while also emphasizing reliability, innovation, and the convenience of a consolidated platform for efficient management and storage of your product information.

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Product Image Insert Upload

Product Manual Upload

Our platform’s flexibility allows seamless visibility of your entire product presentation and importer portfolio for dealers. It facilitates the display of all product lines and effortless importation of corresponding images. This feature empowers you to comprehensively showcase products and importers, enhancing dealer understanding. Ultimately, it strengthens the connection between your offerings and the dealer network.

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