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Order Management

Automate the process of dealers placing direct tire orders through the system. Our system automatically analyzes and controls the database to match product parameters and stocks integrated within the system. It efficiently reduces human errors of tracking and maintaining importer inventory to a minimum.

  • Place orders
  • Search
  • Track Order Status
  • Set notifcations
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Reserved Stock

Have an accurate overview of your true importer stock. Dealers can sometimes place large orders, but do not have a warehouse to store the tire inventory. Our system can automatically control the reserved stock value for all your inventory. When the transaction or product is successfully delivered the reserve stock will be deducted and removed from the stock inventory. 

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Order Delivery Window

Dealers have the freedom to pick and schedule the appropriate time to receive a delivery. It removes the hassle of making phone calls as all the necessary information is automatically collected by the system.

WhatsApp Integration

Seamlessly make an order through WhatsApp, overcome friction with an ideal experience for dealers. Got any problems or updates regarding an order or delivery? Our automatic chatbot can handle most requests and orders which directly integrates with our webshop. Always keep in touch with your dealers in case of complications and never miss an order again!

Order from Anywhere

On the go ordering from your smartphone

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Links with WhatsApp number

Track Order

Check order status and delivery time

WhatsApp Integration